Some people have said nice things…

Everyone’s been so lovely, we thought we’d share some of the things they’ve said.

What could possibly be cooler…gorgeous, elegant and easy-to-use (11 May, 2011)

Seriously cool.

TechCrunch (7 May, 2011)

Spacelog is awesome.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (5 Dec, 2010)

This is the kind of historical documentation and access that reminds us of why the internet is so, insanely awesome.

Engadget (2 Dec, 2010)

…highly addictive…

The Huffington Post (2 Dec, 2010)

[Spacelog] is the best thing ever on the internet!

Matt Jones (1 Dec, 2010)

Wonderful stuff.

Jason Kottke (1 Dec, 2010)

I absolutely love this. is taking the radio transcripts from NASA missions, pairing them with great graphic design, and making the whole thing searchable and linkable. The result: A delightfully immersive perspective on history.

Boing Boing (1 Dec, 2010)

If this isn’t making content meaningful, accessible (in a traditional sense), and enjoyable to consume, I don’t know what is.

Cameron Moll (1 Dec, 2010)


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